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Monthly Yoga Classes:

Regular yoga classes are held four times a week. Classes include powerfully potent yogic techniques, chakra and breath awareness, asanas and introduced to Hamsa Yoga leading to a sense of well being and joy. They are also taught the evolutionary Babaji's Kundalini Kriya Yoga

  • Specially designed group workshops for corporate sector and schools are available.
  • Call or Email for details

Corporate Workshop

Three Day Courses:

Seekers are initiated into the practices with great care according to their capacity dictated by age/ health/ability to understand and follow instructions. Once they learn from the teacher they are empowered by Yogiraj during his annual visit to the city or the seekers visit to the ashram.

  1. Mahavatar Babaji's Kriya Yoga
  2. Siddhanath Surya Yoga
  3. Siddhanath Hamsa Yoga
  • Call or Email to register and for details

Children Learning Hamsa Yoga

Sunday Practice:

Free group practice for Hamsas every Sunday 10 am

  • Call or Email to confirm attendance

Corporate Workshop

Outing at Shiva Temple

Kriya Yoga Livingness Camp:

PUNE 20th - 27th January 2009

Longer Duration: 20th - 27st January 2009

Shorter Durtion: 23rd -27th January 2009

  • Arrival in Pune 20th/23rd evening and departure for Forest ashram. There will be one free group pick up from Pune city.
  • Camp begins 21st Morning 9 am
  • Camp fee Rs. 9000/ Rs. 6000 includes boarding, lodging and Gurudakshina for empowerment into Kriya Yoga by Himalayan Master Yogiraj Siddhanath and instructions on Siddhanath Surya Yoga (basic). Older students will be empowered into higher practices as per their capacity. The idea is to spend quality time with a realised master and experience an authentic ashram life. Gurunath's presence and the very environs of the forest ashram where he has performed intense tapa help the seeker to move quickly on the track of spiritual evolution. 
  • Sadhaks will depart on the 27th. One free group drop off to Pune city will be arranged.

Livingness Camp

Items to be brought:
loose clothes for ease in practice and preferably light coloured for better absorption of transmissions. Bring warm clothes as it can get quiet chilly in the evenings. Blankets will be provided but we suggest you carry your own sleeping bag. Please bring walking shoes for those invigorating walks with the master in the nearby Sita mai Valley. 

Space limited. Register to book your place.

Satsangs and Empowerment

DELHI 10th -12th April 2009 Contact: 011 32997517, 09811024934

CHANDIGARH 16th - 19th April 2009

Yogiraj Siddhanath will visit Chandigarh giving sincere seekers an opportunity to spend time with the Satguru (True Master). These include experiential satsangs, where he bestows upon the audience the three graces of shaktipat (kundalini transmissions), pranpat (karma cleansing breath) and shivapat (thoughtless clear mind awareness) and empowerment camps where new students are initiated into the practice of Kriya Yoga and older disciples into higher levels according to their dedication and practice.


Full Moon Meditations:

Every full moon members get together to Dance for Peace, imbibing the peaceful energy of the moon and radiating it out to others, actualising Yogiraj's message of Earth Peace through Self Peace. Members and non members are welcome to attend. Community pot luck, film viewing etc is organised on special occasions.

  • Call or Email to confirm attendance

Meditating on Full Moon

Campfire Goshti

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