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Yogiraj Siddhanath is descended from the Solar Dynasty of Ikshavaku Rama. Its royal Kings and Yogis are the custodians of the sacred science of Raj and Kriya Yoga. His mother was blessed by Shiv Goraksha Babaji and would mix the temple vibhuti (holy ash) of Babaji in water and drink it throughout her pregnancy. During his childhood days, he was aware of his larger-self dwelling in his helpless little body. From the age of four Yogiraj, endearingly called Gurunath by his disciples, would sit long hours in meditation and have visions of Shiva, Krishna, Rama and Christ.

While in school at Sherwood College Nainital, he would meditate deep into the night and move into a profound state of awareness. In his early years, he was blessed with the presence of great Himalayan yogis and divine beings including Barthaharinath, Goddess Durga, Sundernath, Aandmoyi Ma, Yogi Sri Chandra, Shiv Bal Yogi and Christ. His transformation was completed by his deep and personal experience with Shiv Goraksha Babaji who blessed and inspired him to teach Sanatana Dharma, the perennial unity of all religions the world over.

Yogiraj Siddhanath bestows upon his disciples three distinct graces that are a hallmark of a Satguru or True Master

  • Shaktipat - Transmitting centre to centre in their pranic chakras the evolutionary Kundalini Energy.
  • Pranpat - Breathing the powerful Karma cleaning breath through the breathing of disciples in their spinal channels.
  • Shivapat - Imparting his consciousness of natural enlightenment (Unmani Avastha) which the receptive experience as clear minded awareness of abiding calm.

Yogiraj is a householder yogi and resides with his wife Shivangini at a forest ashram near Pune, India. He serves humanity to accomplish his vision of New Life Awakening for Earth Peace through Self Peace.

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