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Blessings from my Guru:

Gurunath - Yogiraj Siddhanath

"This disciple is connected to me from past life. With her steady meditation and sincerity, rarely to be found in the world of today, she has strived and earned the hard-won gold. I envision Jyoti as becoming a worthy servant, serving humanity as her larger self."
- (Blessings from Gurunath)


Introduced to yoga asanas compulsorily at school, in 1972 by the Bihar Yoga School in Patna, India, at age eleven I practiced it without awareness. It was more as a form of exercise.

I continued the practice of asanas through adolescence and married life to complement other forms of exercise- cycling, swimming, walking, aerobics and gym.

Completing my responsibility as wife and mother I grew restless and started experimenting with new age techniques such as reiki, crystal healing and the Kwan Yin Magnified healing. I also participated in Native American Shaman rites.

It was after my mystical meeting with the Himalayan Master Yogiraj Siddhanath first in a vision and then as preordained at the forest ashram near Pune, India I came to follow the Hamsa Way. The Way of the White Swan.

Initiation into this powerful practice opened my consciousness to higher planes of existence, accompanied by perception of auras, past lives and other paranormal visions.

Empowered to teach since 1999, I take great pleasure in sharing with others all that I have learnt and received.

I currently head the Hamsa Yoga Sangh centre in Chandigarh, North India.

Jyoti Subramanian


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